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Where ever you be diaspora or within, Africa remains our mother land we must cherish!

Africa is the land of the sun

A land with plenty to sustain the glob.

What then is the problem with this unique naturally gifted continent?

Ethnic Conflicts, Border Conflicts, Genocides, Civil Wars, Religious Wars, Guerilla activities, Poverty, Unemployment, diseases, Earth quake, Drought, Famine, Dictatorship, Foreign Aid dependency, Crimes Against Humanity , Refugee Crisis, Population Pressure, Illiteracy, Technology Limitations, Rural Urban Migration, Poor Infrastructure, Corruption have all toppled the dream of Africa

But in the face of impossible odds people who love Africa can change it.


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Guinean junta leader expresses regret over bloodshed in Conakry

    ABIDJAN, Sept. 29 (Xinhua) -- Guinea's military junta leader has expressed regret over the bloodshed in the clash between the opposition and security forces in the capital Conakry, Radio Senegal reported on Tuesday.

    More than 150 people were killed and over 1,000 others injured in the confrontation on Monday, when soldiers loyal to Capt. Moussa Dadis Camara opened fire at protestors against his candidacy for the presidential elections set for January.

    Camara told the radio that Sept. 28 was "a dramatic day" for Guineans and expressed his "regret and indignation" for what had happened in Guinea.

    Thousands of opponents took to the streets on Monday after the military junta imposed a ban on their rally at a city stadium. The junta also reported that one of the police stations was set ablaze by the angry crowd.

    The clash is the worst since the military junta seized power in a coup hours after the death of president Lansana Conte in December.

    The situation is volatile in tensions not only in Guinea, but between the military junta and the outside world.

    After the riot, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon urged "Guinean national authorities and the security forces to exercise maximum restraint and to uphold to the rule of law, including respect for basic human rights."

    The latest report from Paris said France decided to suspend its military cooperation with the authorities in Guinea.

    The opposition forces in Guinea comprising trade unions, political parties, civil society and non- governmental organizations already threatened to boycott the junta's involvement in the election before the latest incident, which scuttled the fragile consensus for a presidential vote to end the crisis.

    The standoff between the opposition and the military junta went ugly after Camara, who until May confirmed no part in the future presidential election, announced his candidacy in August to spark an outcry from the opposition, especially the United Forces for the Democratization of Guinea.

    The junta leader insisted that nothing could bar him from aspiring to the top seat in Guinea as long as the people still want him.

    The opposition threatened to "bring out everybody to the streets" in protest against him.

    On Aug. 27, riots broke up in Conakry between security forces and young protestors against Camara's plan to run in the election. The clashes led to injuries and several arrests. 

 Camara and his ruling National Council of Ministers of Democracy and Development (CNDD) were not supposed to run in the upcoming elections negotiated with the International Group of Contact on Guinea. 

Editor: Mu Xuequan



I would like to honor and appreciate the mission of Uganda People’s Defense Forces (U.P.D.F) alongside the Burundi troops who are keeping peace in Somali Capital. We would like to tell those who confront us in protest of the A.U troops to stay silent. We bear with us the heart of African unity and pride. We must say that to hell with pleasure while our comrades suffer the oppression of the Shubabs. Even though we face the difficulties of today and tomorrow, though we are going thru difficult and uncertain times, while our confidence is shaken and our pride challenged; tonight i want every one to understand that we shall rebuild and we shall restore and revive our heritage. The United States of Africa will emerge stronger than before.




Why is Africa Still Hungry?

Kivumbi on BBC Network Afrca at 1600 GMT 12th Oct 10.


There numerous reasons why we are still hungry in spite of being a continent of opportunities;
Let me try to break down dis-1 Our leaders who mange the public "shillings" have not ventured to were de needful is, I mean to ma
ke sure dat we have enough food. Why should we buy weapons of war while our children sleep on streets and go begging hungry ?

Who bewitched this continent? Why have we chosen to degrade the environment at the end of the day antagonize climate?

Why should we export much abroad rather than keeping enough for our people?

I think dis is the time join hands as people, as governments so dat we drive hung out of Africa.

In The Face Of Impossible Odds, People Who Love Africa Can Change It!


Kivumbi Earnest Benjamin